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Printable card with princess being carried by prince charming, engagement, happily ever after photo cover


The card makers allow you to add your own title text and personalized message. You can make a birthday card, thank you card, get well soon card, congratulations card or anything you'd like. Add your text, make any changes you'd like to the lettering and layout, and then hit "print".

To make envelopes for this card, use the envelope template. You can make a blank evelope or choose from styles that match this theme.

Use the print button at the top left of the princess card template to print your card. There are several options for personalizing your princess card. You can personalize the card wording on the card by clicking on it and directly typing over the sample wording for the princess card for kids. You can design your own princess birthday card or invitation by changing the font, moving the text around, and you also have the option of angling the text so you don't have such a square feel to the card.

There are two more text boxes that you can use to make a princess invitation or card for children. These have been left blank for easy printing, but if you click inside the left-hand panel, or on the princess card cover, you'll see that you can add text there, drag it to another place on the card, and edit as outlined above.

You can print as many copies of your princess card as you would like. Additionally there are many other card templates for kids on the main page and more princess templates like this card on the 2018 princess card templates page.

If you are looking for a different style, here are some of the other templates from the princess theme cards:

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