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Questionably inappropriate cards for male friends, cards for guys to give other guys, and funny card for adults to give friends

. This probably isn't a good card for Dad.
'I was originally thinking 'nice' but I went ahead and ordered naughty for you.'

Funny Christmas card for adults with a beautiful girl, offering 'Merry Christmas' wishes, humorous quote on card written on the cover


Ho, Ho, Hold on there a minute. This card isn't for everybody. Careful what you do with a funny card and make sure your audience can take a joke. That being said, this is a funny card for single men and adult male friends.

Printing Your Card - the templates let you see all edits online before you print. The card will print exactly like you see on the screen. So, if you are ready, click the 'print' icon at the top of the card application. This starts the printing process and you should get a print window that will guide you through the rest of the process.

Using the Card Application - The default layout is a small folding card, but you can change this in the menu bar across the top. Select '1/2 fold for a larger sized card, but be aware that you can't write directly inside the card with this feature.

You can add your own message inside the card, both on the left and right side. If there is sample text, you can click on that and edit as you'd like. Otherwise, just click where you'd like to add text and a curser should appear. Once you see the curser, you can start typing.

Further adjust the card layout by moving the text around, changing the size and font. You can change the font by clicking on the 'font' option on the right. After you make your changes, you can print your personalized card.

For more humorous cards click on one of the previews below - 10 designs in all:

Santa checking his list, no present for youfunny Christmas card, card is the presentSanta Claus demanding and explanationmistletoe card, funny quotes, holiday humor

Printable Christmas cards with your photo - from Print With My Pic

There are printable Christmas party invitations, Christmas picture frames to print and more.

snowflake border, winter picture frame 4x6 Christmas photo card template printable Christmas photo frame

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