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printable birthday cards

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Free fantasy card templates to print

: monster cards, fairy cards, magic, good and evil cards, sexy character cards, wizard cards, pixies, elves, knights, and more!
Card 1:

ice man character

Card 2:

winged girl with a sword

fantasy card, blue, ice, superhero sexy she-devil card template
Card 3:

a cute pixie and a butterfly

Card 4:

a wizard - sorcerer

fantasy fairy card. pixie, butterfly wizard birthday card template
Card 5:

a knight, prince or king praying

Card 6:

dark creatures

knight birthday card, king, prince dark creature card template
Card 7:

an elf showing off her magic

Card 8:

an elf or hobbit, mysterious - Frodo

sexy elf card, birthday card hobbit greeting card template

The free printable fantasy card templates for kids can be used for any occasion or event. Use them to

make and print fantasy birthday cards for kids, fantasy birthday party invitations

, and more. There are also blank fantasy templates, 'Thinking of you ...' cards, 'Get well soon' cards and 'Thank you.' cards to print for free. You can also make free printable fantasy theme party invites and fantasy party supplies. There are ready-to-print fantasy cards or make a card with a personalized message. You can also print custom envelopes or blank envelopes to match.

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