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These free printable football photo cards can be used for just about any occasion. Use them to make photo football birthday cards, football greeting cards to print, photo sports invitations, football cards for kids, and more. There are also blank templates to print for free, 'Thinking of you ...' cards, 'Get well soon' cards and football 'Thank you.' cards. Edit the sample wording and make printable football party invitations with photo covers for game day activities.

football card templates


page 1, 2

Card 1:

helmet, shadow, artistic

Card 2:

football close-up, space to write

football helmet photo, card to print football card, football cover
Card 3:

scoreboard and blue sky

Card 4:

player on the sidelines getting ready for the game

high school scoreboard, football card football player, kneeling, praying
Card 5:

helmet, shadow, grainy

Card 6:

football stadium, game day

football helmet, classic photo card football stadium photo card
Card 7:

stands, bleachers, helmet - simple

Card 8:

cute players in the fall leaves

high school stadium, football helmet cute kids, fall scene, football card

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