Cute St. Patrick's Day cards for kids

to personalize and print online. There are 8 cute designs you can choose from but 40 different St. Patrick's theme cards in all. For more options, try some of th other pages or check the main page: MES Cards.

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Card 9:
cute Irish girl and shamrocks

clovers, girl, Irish, card template

Card 10:
kids, pot of gold, rainbow

end of the rainbow, pot of gold

Card 11:
magic, Irish lass

celebration card, St. Patty's Day

Card 12:
pot of gold, four leaf clover

good luck, pot of gold

Card 13:
St. Patrick's Day card for girls

St. Patrick's Day party invitation

Card 14:
Irish top and cute design

Leprechaun top hat, St. Patrick's Day

Card 15:
fun card for kids

fun St. Patrick's Day card template

Card 16:
St. Patrick's Day card for boys

St. Patrick's Day card for boys

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