Free printable Christmas card templates

with fun holiday designs with Christmas images, a snowman, Christmas tree, Santa, reindeer, angels, garland borders, holly, and even a Christmas mouse. Mix and match them to make stationery sets for Christmas cards to add to presents or as cute Christmas party invitations. To get started, click on any of the previews or select a specific card maker option.

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Card 11:
a simple card with reindeer on a candy cane

candy cane and reindeer card

Card 12:
a simple card with Christmas tree

christmas tree on card cover

Card 13:
a simple card with snowman

snowman card cover

Card 14:
a simple card with Rudolf

reindeer card template

Card 15:
a simple card with an angel

angel with christmas lights border

Card 16:
a simple card with a Wiseman

wisemen, magi, christmas story card

Card 17:
a simple card with reindeer

deer with sleigh harness

Card 18:
a simple card with a mouse and ornaments

stirring mouse, christmas ornaments, holly and red berries

Card 19:
a simple card with Santa

Santa card, holiday garland border

Card 20:
a simple card with a wreath

holiday wreath, Christmas decorations, card to print

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